sustainable hand made furniture cornwall


Ethical contemporary furniture that you will love for a lifetime,

we keep sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Sustainability is in our roots

To create a truly sustainable and ethical brand, we carefully consider every step of our supply chain. All our timber is sourced from ethically responsible Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified providers, ensuring that the natural resources we use are sustainably managed. Moreover, our commitment extends to the finished goods we offer.


Ethical sourcing is key

We make every effort to ensure any furniture we purchase externally is as ethically sourced as possible. We collaborate with suppliers and factories that share our ethical and sustainable values, ensuring that every item you bring into your home is crafted with integrity and care. Nothing is 100% certain in the increasing rush to tick the ‘sustainability box’, but rest assured this really matters to us, we have done our best to research and check out our suppliers. 

Beautiful furniture build to last

Beautiful furniture, built to last.

We do not support a throw away culture

Contemporary design and elegance, practical pieces that grow with you and last a lifetime. Our furniture is created with longevity in mind, the beautifully simple yet elegant designs ensure the pieces you select will fit into your chosen décor for years to come. A bold statement? Perhaps, but we believe quality classic design is always timeless, we build and create to last. 

According to 'Wrap', a study into the re-use potential of household bulky items; 1.6 million tonnes of bulky waste – 42% of which is furniture, is disposed by householders in the UK annually and sent to landfill.

If you do decide to change up completely there will always be a reuse market for quality real timber furniture, we are confident our furniture will not end up in landfill! Passing it down to future generations is always an option, if you can bear to part with yours, but we are that confident you will want to stick with the pieces you have chosen.