About us

Designed in the sand and built to last,

Unique handmade wooden furniture with sustainability at its hearth.

Welcome to Design In The Sand, where we craft high-quality furniture pieces that transform your home into a realm of timeless elegance. Our passion lies in creating bespoke, 'sand made' dining room tables that become the centrepiece of your room. Inspired by simple, yet flattering lines, our designs effortlessly blend classic styles with a contemporary twist.

Lovingly crafted by artisan craftspeople in the picturesque region of Cornwall, the natural beauty that surrounds us is at the heart of our inspiration. We customise each piece of furniture to your specifications, ensuring that it reflects your unique style and taste. from choosing the perfect colours to tailoring the size, materials, and finishes, we find great joy in helping you to create a dining table that is uniquely yours.

But our dedication to exceptional design doesn't stop at dining tables. We also offer a collection of complementary 'sand made' furniture pieces to complete your living spaces. From coffee tables made with contemporary living in mind to desks that inspire creativity, our furniture seamlessly integrates into any room, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our 'Sandscape' ranges include a collection of meticulously curated items, including chairs, lamps, armchairs and rugs, that elevate the design of any living space. This name evokes the image of a beautiful, cohesive environment, where each piece blends harmoniously with the others - as is the case with each item we carefully select.

We are a small family run Cornish business

Inspired from ideas literally ‘drawn in the sand’ we have built our business from the roots up, now offering our customers beautiful ethical furniture to be treasured and simply enjoyed every day. Delivery is available across the U.K. including Scotland and Ireland. As all our pieces are hand made to order our furniture generally has a 6 week minimum lead time to delivery. Please get in touch to discuss how your piece of furniture’s journey will unfold.

Statement pieces to last a lifetime, our furniture is well made, we expect it to last as long as you do. Perfect pieces for that special occasion gift, moving into your first home or getting married, or perhaps downsizing once the kids have left. We look forward to finding out what furniture will best suit your changing needs and are always on hand to advise and discuss all the options with you.

Ethics and Sustainability

To create a truly sustainable and ethical brand, we carefully consider every step of our supply chain. All our timber is sourced from ethically responsible Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified providers, ensuring that the natural resources we use are sustainably managed. Moreover, our commitment extends to the finished goods we offer. We collaborate with suppliers and factories that share our ethical and sustainable values, ensuring that every item you bring into your home is crafted with integrity and care.

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