A Guide to the Customisable Options of Our Bespoke Desks

Sand Made Birch Ply Desk

At Design In The Sand, we not only offer a bespoke service for our Farmhouse dining tables but also for our home office desks – this is ideal if you have a particular size requirement or simply want to create something different, something of your own design and choosing. Are you ready to curate your ideal workspace? This blog aims to be your introduction to the process of designing your desk from Design in the Sand. We'll explore the flexibility in choosing a desk upfront and leaving the details of colours and finishes for later, or seeking expert recommendations from our skilled team.


A step at a time:

Design in the Sand offers a unique approach: choosing a bespoke desk without the immediate commitment to colours and finishes. This flexibility allows you to focus on the desk's size and shape first, ensuring it perfectly fits your space and needs. The decisions around colours and finishes can be addressed at a later date, before or after production starts.

Sand Made Desk in Red Ply

Wooden Home Office Computer Desk in Red Ply - Sand Made


The Consultation Option:

For those seeking tailored guidance, our team is at your service. Reach out to Design in the Sand for personalised recommendations. Our experts possess the knowledge and experience to assist you in making informed decisions that resonate with your vision. We endeavour to help you make your own choices, what we don’t do is try and tell you what you want, we believe in empowering you to make your own choices, and we will of course share our thoughts too.   

Of course, we talk about bespoke farmhouse dining tables and bespoke desks as if they are different – in reality, we take inspiration and ideas from both, and there is no reason why features seen in our customisable farmhouse dining tables cannot be used when creating a desk. Feel free to contact us about any design options you have in mind.

“Absolutely love the table that ‘Design In The Sand’ created for us, it is beautifully made and looks great in our new kitchen. We loved the birch wood end-grain table top combined with the painted legs, but we wanted a simpler narrower leg, nothing was too much trouble and Tim designed a tapered leg which looks fab on the square birch table top. Communication from beginning to end was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend them.”


A Palette of Possibilities:

At Design In The Sand colour and finish options available are endless, we can work with virtually any colour you choose for Design in the Sand's bespoke desks. Explore various combinations through our images, igniting inspiration and helping you visualise your personalised desk. Each option possesses unique qualities that contribute distinctively to the overall aesthetic of your bespoke product.

Sand Made Birch Ply Desk

Wooden Home Office Computer Desk in Birch Ply - Sand Made

“Great communications during and after the whole ordering process. I had very specific requirements and they were all fully met. Even suggested a few changes against my own wants which turned out better - great advice! After using it now as the desk top for my sit/stand desk I can thoroughly recommend. Thanks again”


The Power of Personalisation:

While our focus is on desks, Design in the Sand also offers bespoke farmhouse dining tables and a wide spectrum of other handmade furniture. Explore our collections and design your space today. 

In summary, Design in the Sand invites you to embark on a unique journey of personalising your desk. We encourage you to explore the myriad of options, experiment with designs, and envision your dream workspace. Remember, our customer support is readily available either over the phone or through our website chat for any queries or assistance throughout your customisation journey.

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